FRW History

Family Salvation

The Father began to deal with our hearts concerning our own biological family.  It was now time to lead them unto Christ.  God had prepared the way.  It was now time for their salvation, healing & deliverance.  The Lord said, “start by teaching them my word in your basement”. Our very first meeting in October 1995 we had 28 family members in attendance.  They were hungry & thirsty for the knowledge of god.  After weeks of teaching, God would prove the work by showing himself strong in signs, wonders & miracles for our family and friends who stopped by.

FRW History

FAMILY RESTORATION WORLDWIDE was birthed into existence in 1997 when the Lord spoke the name into our hearts after two years of faithful obedience to the Lord’s charge unto us. FRM is an apostolic/Prophetic Life-Changing Ministry of Faith, Love & Power sent to help restore hurting families back to God.

For the past 11 years we worked tirelessly with a number of evangelistic Ministry outreach teams at the International Gospel Center, of Ecorse MI. We served under the leadership of the late Apostle Charles O. Miles & Lady Luvenia Miles.  Many days were spent praying & fasting for the lost & dying in the metro Detroit region.  Weekly we were visiting the sick & shut-in at local hospitals, nursing homes, male & female state prisons and homeless shelters.  Team members were preaching & teaching the word at outdoor street meetings & Tent Revivals in Detroit, Ecorse, River rouge & Pontiac MI or anywhere the Holy Spirit would lead us.  Souls were being won into the kingdom weekly.

In 1993, we accompanied Apostle & Sister Miles and a powerful evangelistic team of Church Leaders on a Three Country Tour to Amsterdam, Holland, London England and the cities of Lagos, Abeokuta & Warri Nigeria for Crusades bringing together more than 750,000 Nigerians within a soccer field waiting on God. Thousands witnessed miracles & healing by the power of Jesus Christ.  Supernatural exploits took place…

Upon returning home, every Saturday afternoon our team could be found evangelizing at Kennedy Square in downtown Detroit.  What an exciting time to live and walk with Him!  We saw his mighty power come down in every setting to save, heal, anoint, deliver and encourage the multitudes who needed to know that same Jesus.

Public Ministry

In June 1998, our first public worship & word service was held in the Ramada Inn Southfield at 17017 W. Nine Mile Road. As the souls gathered, God gave us signs of his presence as we worshipped and received an outpouring of his Spirit.  Within one year FRM became ready to move into our next assigned place of worship.

A Prophetic Dream

The Lord had sent word by way of a prophetic dream that we were standing next to a white man who was at this broken house. We were weeping for this broken house.  The night vision showed God’s heart was broken for the condition of many houses and the shattered lives that needed family restoration.

We later met a business owner who owned much property.  He told us that he had bought this large three-story house to prevent the drug addicts from squatting inside the property.  This large house was once built and owned by a medical doctor who practiced medicine in the west wing of the building.

Yes this house had once been used for healing then later used to make men sick, putting them in bondage.

Yet God had a plan of redemption for that house as well as for his people.  Family Restoration Ministries was chosen to take back what the enemy had stolen.

Families in Need Inner City House (FINICH)

In May 1999, Family Restoration Ministries moved into that house. The Families in Need Inner City House located at 80 East Willis in the university/medical Center district of Detroit was born.  FINICH offered 7 Points of services: 1) Counseling, 2) Emergency Food, 3) Emergency Clothing, 4) Emergency shelter,

5) Youth outreach Services, 6) Alcoholics for Christ, and 7) FRM Worship & Word Services were offered to the community.  People came from all walks of life, Traveling from far & near to receive help for their life-change.

Families In Need Inc. a 501c-3 Non-Profit Family Service Organization joined hand in hand to partner with Wayne State University HEOC Talent Search, the City of Detroit, Gleaners Community Food Bank, State of Michigan, Sobriety House, Ronald McDonald House of Detroit, and several Community Development Organizations who offered the needed resources & services that our community so badly needed.  As a Body of Believers, we watched the Father transform lives week after week in this house.  FINICH overflowed with families coming in for temporary shelter as God began mending broken lives then going out healed, delivered and made whole.


The Lord said, “Daughter Teach my People how to walk in Daily Victory”.  Psalms 118:17   I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.

LIVE had become a Powerful Life-Changing mission for Family Restoration Ministries.


This is God’s desire and the way for every believer.

A Mighty Visitation

In 1999, by the Lord’s leading Pastors Roosevelt & Sharon traveled to the Bronx NY to visit a thriving church there.  Upon our flight home, the LORD visited Pastor Sharon while flying 35,000 feet in the air.  He gave her, Deuteronomy 28:10 And all people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name of the LORD; and they shall be afraid of thee.

At first, Pastor Sharon did not fully comprehend god’s choice for her to fulfill such a larger than life mission. Yet this mighty visitation came to announce that the Lord would take his servant to several heavily populated nations of the world to bring true deliverance.  The Lord proclaimed that, true deliverance is scarce in the land.  God said, I will take thee to very many nations to bring true deliverance for my people; such places as China, Singapore, Africa, Panama, Jamaica, South Africa, Japan, Philippine Islands, and many other places.   The Vision is surely yet to come!

A 3 Week Mission to 3 Nations

Upon returning home, the Lord continues the supernatural exploits as his people received his mandate to go.  Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature

The FRM/FIN volunteers rallied around the vision of God.  They gathered and mailed five 50 gallon barrels filled with donated non-perishable food items, clothing, toys, jewelry, a computer, monitor & printer, medical supplies, etc to send to Ghana & Nigeria West Africa by boat to reach there beforehand.

The Vision is coming to pass!

By fall 2003, A missionary team of 6 traveled on a 3 week ~ 3 Country tour to Ghana, Nigeria & London England to preach the Gospel.  Just as the word has spoken.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever; He has been faithful to us at home ~ Just as He has been faithful to us abroad.

A Brand New Family

After years of ministry to homeless families, the lord blessed pastors Roosevelt & Sharon to receive a beautiful family of four siblings as their very own.  They were children with special needs as the Lord began healing them day-by-day.  Our three sons & one daughter were ages 2, 3, 4, & 5 when they came.  By mid 2004, the Lord released the work at the FINICH to execute a change of ministry assignment to take care of this brand new family that God had sent to them.

Q: Where Are We Standing In God?

With in a three-year period, God sent our family to fellowship in several assemblies to become aware of the new challenges in ministry.  Church leaders were contending with jealousy, strife and so much religious fighting for territory.  The strongman was running ramped in some churches.  The enemy had crept in and began to operate without detection.  The apostolic & prophetic voice of the Spirit had been silenced due to much confusion and rubbish. men were operating by the works of the flesh. We were asking God then, “Where are we standing in you Lord?” Are we walking, crawling, sliding backwards or standing still? We were given the mandate to keep running with the victory!  Isaiah 40:31

Delayed But Not Denied

In 2007, The Spirit of the Lord moved FRM into the newly renovated Doubletree Hotel in Detroit to once again hold our weekly worship & word services. The Lord began to build up our youth capacity as we partnered with Jubilee Performing Arts Center (JPAC) a Christian community based youth training & development organization to help host their annual Summer Youth Dance, Performing & Media Arts Camps.  Here God had his hand on the leadership.  He wanted to use another venue to reach this dying generation of youth in order to do a new thing.  Over the years, I kept hearing the mandate, save the children. Our Youth needed to come to understand their Godly purpose and the Lord’s plan of redemption for them.  He had chosen them to worship him in Spirit & Truth.

An Open Door to East Asia

In early 2009, another powerful open-eyed vision took place as returned from vacation in Florida.  During His visitation, the Spirit of the LORD invited me to read Jeremiah 1:5 & 10 were re-given as reminders of our call and duty from God as a prophetess to the nations and He encouraged me telling me “See I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out and to pull down, and to destroy and to throw down, to build and to plant”.  As I re-read this mandate, I could not hold back the tears and God began to give revelation knowledge as the Spirit began to expound on these passages way down on the inside of my being.

While writing down the revelation, I literally heard a bell ringing in heaven. It rang in sequences of 3.  I kept listening again to be assured that it wasn’t outside or from some other source.  As I lay on the couch I looked up and saw the LORD high and lifted up and his train filled the room where I sat.  I saw many angels flying overhead their wings were fluttering standing guard over a door, a long, tall door that opened unto me.

In this vision God showed me many things that I had not seen before and even an open-eyed vision in such a long time.  I was so happy for the visitation as I continued to watch He showed me the unmistakable image of Jesus Christ as He walked through that open door.  O’ my God I heard my spirit singing O’ the Glory of His Presence…I saw my own image bowing down before the presence of Jesus.  As I continued to bow down to Jesus I saw these ever growing, glowing lights illuminating beautiful colors going in and out.  They were dazzling above and below and all around His presence.

I shed quiet tears as I watched my Jesus.  Then He reminded me of when I was a child sitting alone in the den and mostly while I lay in bed I remember seeing these same types of lights as a young girl.  These lights were the same and behaved the same way back then.  I did not understand their meaning, then.  But I knew they meant something special.

God had given me a glimpse of heaven.  I heard the Spirit say, “Come up higher”.  Inside my heart, I could hear my spirit saying, “Lord I want to see more, open my eyes Lord I want to understand what you are saying to me.  Then I asked the LORD, “Can I come up there and see in this room behind these doors” And the Lord spoke and said to me, “No, not yet”.

It was O’ most beautiful.  I could now understand how the Prophet Jeremiah saw himself as a child unable to truly comprehend all that God desired of him in the early years.  But God told me as he told his servant Jeremiah, “Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak.  Be not afraid of their faces for I am with thee to deliver thee, says the Lord.

“Daughter, the door is now open.  I have released thee to walk through the doors.  Go to Singapore, China & Japan and preach my life-changing message of deliverance and repentance.  I am with thee and I shall go before thee.   Be not afraid of their faces for I shall protect and deliver thee from the hands of my enemies.  I have made a way for thee follow my leading.  I will take you to and fro and thou shalt return unto thy family”.

I knew that God was speaking to me and it is time to obey the LORD.  In 1993, during a visit 35,000 feet in the air while flying back from New York the Lord gave us our original mandate that I would visit many heavily populated nations of the world to bring true deliverance to the lives of his people.  During that time, he spoke the names of many nations.  To date, I have traveled to many and have begun to accomplish his charge.  Japan and China are part of God’s desire to visit these nations for the preaching of the gospel and to bring true repentance and deliverance as in the days of John the Baptist.

The Lord also, gave me a second charge. I have called thee unto a Holy Convocation in the year 2010 with 7 days of anointed services unto me.  I asked simply, “Lord where would you like us to have it?  Daughter you will start here in Detroit at the doubletree. Then you shall take it to the places of thy travels: Israel, London, Jamaica and so on…You will take it every other year ~ the even years.   The LORD said, “For Israel you will combine the Holy Convocation with a Holy Land Tour that provides for the food, Airfare, ground transportation and lodging as well.  I will lead the way”.

3 Week Mission to 4 Nations

Plans put in place by the Holy Spirit would be orchestrated with great care and success.  God gave us his time frame.  He did not permit others to come along.  We would be traveling alone very shortly in May 2009, the last two weeks to be exact. This was a complete journey of faith. Other provisions had to be set up and put in place, such as airfare, to these nations, transportation & lodging and the work was still in progress.  The LORD granted supernatural extraordinary favor.  A new door opened to minister in the country of Malaysia for nearly three weeks before leaving.